MultiMatID MaxScript..

MultimatID is a maxscript to distribute multimaterial’s submaterials to the selected polygon object’s faces and elements. Script operates on scene materials. So: a multi-subobject material must […]

ColorId for Polygons Pro

Extended maxsci gui for material id assignment. Features: Multi material assignment: (Do not change button colors after assingning the multimaterial. Do not assign multimaterial while in […]

Fast Color ID for Polygons

Color ID for polygons is the script for quick material id assignment. It becomes handy when using Quixel Painter or Substance Painter… Make sure to select […]

TracX-lite tank track generator

TracX Tank track generator is out. Caution! There is an oscillating motion caused by spline-IK. Divide your track spline as evenly as posible to minimize this […]


A script for object placement.

Tank Track Script

A Script for rigging “Tank Tracks”. It’s still under development .

Delay of Civciv

While preparing documentation of civciv, I realised there are so many strict rules to follow in asset preparation for script. Any mistake will result catastopic failure […]

Update about Civciv

The Wing and feather rigging script “Civciv” will be released within April 2017. The script is mostly completed. It is on the documentation phase. In the […]

Macro: Hide/unhide polygon face from unwrap uwv

This macroscript  hides polygon faces from unwrap uvw selection.
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