Fast Color ID for Polygons
MultiMatID MaxScript..

ColorId for Polygons Pro

Extended maxsci gui for material id assignment.


Multi material assignment: (Do not change button colors after assingning the multimaterial. Do not assign multimaterial while in subobject mode.)

Change button colors:Double click to change color of the button:(Make sure to assign button colors before assigning multimaterial to the selected object )

Save and load gui presets: Eight click to rename a button.(Make sure to load the gui with corresponding button count)
Double click on the button to change button color
Right click on the button to change button text.
Single click on the button to change materialID of selected polygon or element.





  1. Nir Sullam says:

    Savas Hi

    I just purchased Color ID Pro but I cannot figure how to work with it – I did watch the video several times but I dont know how to work with the “Assign Mutli Material button” and do bnot understand what relation the buttons have with my custom Multi Material Which I already created ( I make buildings in 3D).


    • Savaş Çetin says:

      Hi Nir.
      Thank you for taking interest in the script.
      You have to drag&drop the script to 3ds max view-port.(If I understand the first problem correctly).
      As as its name suggest script is strictly for assigning color id’s.The script generates its own custom multi-material therefore there will be no link between your custom made multi-material and the script(Once You assign your own multi-material to an object, You can change material id of the selected polygons by clicking appropriate buttons on the gui. You can also rename buttons according to your multi-material’s sub-material names and ids by right clicking. But beware:

      Do not use the assign material button once you apply your multimateiral

      ). You can customize the “script generated” multi-material colors, by double clicking the colored buttons, and picking a color(while double clicking be aware that, if you have selected some objects their material id’s therefore colors will be overwritten). You can save your custom layout by clicking “save xml” button.(but remember the button number you have created, and do not load a different layout’s .xml file. for instance if you created a 4×4 gui, you have to load an .xml created for a 4×4 gui.)
      In current version,for some reason the “assign material” button works only while the “modify object” tab is selected. I am working on an update to fix that issue.Remember to visit shop in couple of days. I will try to send you the latest script via personal message from the shop interface. Or you can re-download the script from your purchases.
      if you want different features please do not hesitate to contact me via this site or the cgtrader shop.

  2. Nir Sullam says:

    Savas – Here is one feature that I would appreciate:
    Allow me to copy a multi material I already use on an object and copy its names to your script’s names (and number of buttons.
    Since I make arch vis – I build buildings with 3-20 material applied to an object and if the scripts can “read” the names of the materials – It could come handy.
    Actually – if you could make the connection permanent – Forcing ColorID Pro to always use my MultiMats instread of creating a new one.


    • Hi Nir.
      That is hard with the current structure of Color ID Pro. I have to write a new script for that. If I can cook up something this week I will send it via private message so you will be the tester, if you accept. Is your mail address entered here correct? if not, please contact me via the site’s contact form, or from cgtrader’s private message.

    • Hi Nir.
      Check your cgtrader inbox.
      I have sent you the script you need.

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