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TheDuck: Organize your MAXScript arsenal.


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About TheDuck

TheDuck is a commercial script for organizing and running MAXScripts into a single toolbar. During years I work on 3ds Max, I have collected and written more scripts than I can organize and run easily. By time my UI filled up with some randomly named macros and unorganized toolbars.Then there were the version migrations, in that case I had to redefine that toolbars and macros in each version change. So I gave up using macros. Every time I needed to run a script, I had to look into my folders and try bunch of others before finding the right one. Then some where in this mess, a light bulb shined. I organized those hundred something scripts in to categories and created the first ancestor of the "TheDuck". With the introduction of Python 3.7 in 3ds max, that ancestor evolved to what we have here now. A toolbar that converts folders in to tabs and scripts into buttons. Any MAXScript in .ms or .mse format, or a Max Python code in .py format in your folders, will be rendered as a button in this functional toolbar. It is a handy tool to organize and run your regularly used scripts inside of 3ds MAX's ui. You can quickly navigate between your tabs, and run your scripts easily by pressing the button corresponding to that script. While tabs get their titles from folder names, buttons get their titles from script names. Then you can prepare some .txt files in which you can write your little help notes about a script, so that whenever you wait with your mouse on a button for a short period, you will get the contends of this .txt file as a quick reminder as a tooltip.


  1. Sajin says:

    Hello TheDuck is very nice script. Could you let the user create there own Icons rather than buttons with text? I want to buy.



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