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Change Maxsciprt Listener Color Scheme

Through the years I have used max-script, I tried changing color scheme of the max-script listener window with no success multiple times. In my searches dor a solution, I have came across some interesting solutions like hex-editing the listener's dll file. In the past, you can make smoe modifications in font color and size but not to the entire color scheme.
But recently I learned that in 3ds max 2020 update 1 it became possible to change max-script listener window's color scheme with max-script. Although the progress is great there was one catch: The changes you make will not stuck between restarts of the 3ds max.(Or I simply could not find where to write those settings).
So I wrote a script to change max-script listener colors, and to save them in .xml file for further usage and/or sharing with other users. In the end I came up with the solution to the problem of keeping the changed colors between restarts by adding a startup script via this script I wrote.

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