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MultimatID is a maxscript to distribute multimaterial’s submaterials to the selected polygon object’s faces and elements. Script operates on scene materials. So: a multi-subobject material must be assigned, at least to one scene object to be recognized by the script.Modify object tab must be highlighted for the script to assign material ID’s.


  1. Kenneth Vandel says:

    Hi Savas. Look’s cool 🙂 But is there a possibility to show the actual material, instead of the grey boxes with the naming of the material?

  2. Hi Kenneth.
    Sorry for the late answer.
    Current system is the quickest and the cheapest solution I can find to the multimaterial asignment.
    There will be compatiblity issues with different render engines and their respective materials.
    In the short run there will not be any materials dispay option in the script.

    • Kenneth Vandel says:

      Ahhh, Ok – a bit sorry to hear that, would have been great. But I guess your right, regarding the different render engines… Thanks for the answer 😉
      Cheers, Kenneth.

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